Saturday, September 22, 2007

welcome back

ok i know that i havent blogged in months but ill continue from now on i wasnt serious about blogging before but now im ready to start updating my blog as long as you guyz continue visiting it

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i'll be back


Sunday, May 13, 2007


What is it with guyz and hairy chests????????There are some guys you'd see them and you won't be able to make out their skin because of the amount of hair .I don't know why we girls spend our time and money on waxing out every single hair on our body but guys won't even want to shave their chests but they'll be the one to complain if you've got hairy legs.I'm not asking every guy to shave off every single hair on their body its the chest one that bothers me,some guys don't have that much hair on their chest which is fine to me but others are tooooo damn hairy that its revolting

Thursday, May 10, 2007

African China - Mr President

This is my favourite song at the moment,it should be Nigeria's national anthem,the dance in the video is known as 'suo' and i'm luving it.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Let me just divert from my moaning about this country for a second and share a testimony with you guyz about my near death experience on the Easter of 2005.Even thinking of it still gives me shivers and it acts as constant reminder of GOD'S kindness to me and my family.
The incident happened one night in our house in Nigeria when i just finished gisting with my brothers and was about to go to bed.My younger brother who then was 9yrs old wanted to come and sleep with me in my room cos he was scared of sleeping alone ,but i refused cos me myself was scared of sleeping alone in my own room cos i had a nightmare the day before about two women with a something that looked like a bowl and wearing nothing but wrappers tied to their chests, standing in the middle of my room and screaming at me.So i decided it was best we go and sleep in my older sister's room but when we got there i realised that us 3 sleeping on the bed would be uncomfortable since my brother was a rough sleeper(he kicks and hits when he's asleep)and it would be real foolish to put him on the same bed as my sister who was ill with malaria,instead i took him to my other brother's room.I was half asleep when my eldest sister came and asked me where i kept my sick sister's mp3 ,i ignored her cos my tired mind was still trying to understand the question,then she asked me if i kept it in her wardrobe and i said 'yes' though i left it at her bedside table(thinking about it i just realised that GOD made give the wrong answer)she went and opened the door cos the light in the room was switched off and she didn't want to disturb my other sister,then proceeded towards the wardrobe.Next thing i knew she tells us to quickly go out of the room in a panicky voice,i woke my other sister up then ran out of the room thinking it was a rat(they scare the shit out of me),i was at the sitting room telling my mum that we needed to get them pest extinguisher people that comes and sprays chemicals that drive away pestes like rat and cockroaches when my eldest sister ran into the room and screamed that IT WAS A SNAKE,honestly that day i run pass Marion Jones anyway GOD used our security men that day because it was only through a miracle that they found the snake. Imagine they later found the snake in one of the open suitcases in my eldest sister's room which is in the other side of the house,so the snake had to pass my room,my brothers rooms,the kitchen and the laundry room to get to her room.After killing the snake the men told us that it wasn't normal for a snake to be in an area where there are many human beings moving around and there is not a single bush or like a cluster of trees or overgrown grass and most of all enter someone's room that the snake was sent by someone.Later we found out that it was sent for my eldest sister and it was her first trip to Naija since getting her Master's degree,anyway we also later found out that it was sent to us by a member of my father's immediate family.
It was a near death experience for me because no-one knows how long the snake had been there for ,it could have bitten my sister was had been lying there all day then maybe me when i was sleeping,it was GOD that moved my sister when she came near the wardrobe because she said it looked like a rope and that she only moved out of instinct,we believe that when it fell it was probably diving at her.
I'm totally grateful to GOD for how we survived that night and i ask you guyz to share your own experiences if you have any

Monday, April 30, 2007


Ok let me finally finish this story because me myself don tire from writing the same thing over and over again.

So Faith was too lazy to work,she just preferred enjoying other people's money and living like a big man's daughter.
I call her a P.I.M.P because she encourages innocent girls to sleep with men she will introduce to them for money while they give her commission.I remember once she told one of my kenyan housemates(she's kenyan but not black,she's arab)that she wanted to introduce her to one of her friends ,a General Manager at a top bank in Nigeria who is staying in Dubai for a couple of days and needed 'company'.The Kenyan girl innocently asked her what 'company' meant and she said that he needed someone like an 'escort' to show him round the city that she will take her to meet the man in his hotel room then find an excuse to leave so that they coul both get to know each other.The kenyan girl told her that she didn't like the idea of being left in a room alone with a stranger but Faith started yelling at her asking her if she was a small girl that did she want to always depend on her parents instead of fighting to be independent by trying to make her own money(Faith can be very controlling and the girl being only 19 and very quiet doesn't know how to deal with a crazy naija girl like Faith) and that yes the man might try to touch her but that she should know how to deal with the situation to try and prevent the man from going too far but at the same time try not to offend him because he had a lot of money to spend and that he could be very generous.I don't know what happened after that cos even though i asked the kenyan girl not to go,she didn't listen cos she was scared of dissapointing Faith and i never asked what happened

At New-year's eve,she invited me ,my roomate and one of my friends who is Russian and very loose to her New-Year party cos none of us went home to celebrate it with our families.She told the russian girl that she had a surprise for her when she picked us up that evening,we were all thinking that maybe it was a some kind of gift but she refused to let us in on the 'surprise' saying we should wait and see.Well the surprise turned out to be the ex-governor of i don't know if its Osun,Oyo or Ogun state but one of dem yoruba states,he's called Niyi Adebanjor or Adebayo i don't really know his surname but he's that guy that was accused of killing the famous Nigerian Lawyer Bola Ige.I was totally disgusted when she showed us the guy and she told the Russian girl that he was a gentle guy that loved attention from young girls especially white ones and that he is willing to do anything she wanted once she gave him what he wanted. I honestly felt ashamed of myself for knowing such a person.I noticed that me,my friends and four other girls(they all seemed to be around my age or maybe a lil bit older) sitting on a couch were the only females invited ,the rest were men old enough to be my father,i swear the youngest man in the room looked in his early forties.Obviously since their was a shortage of girls the men were being total perves it made me wanna puke,imagine having a 50-year old guy trying to feel your arse .After that day i stopped going to any of her parties.

The only time she has tried to get me involved in her shit was when i got a call from her in school ,she told me that one of her friends an Igbo man called Chimaroke Nnamani(he's the governor of Enugu state) was here on a house hunting trip and if i was interested in going with him to The Springs(its one of the most expensive places to live here) to check out a house he's interested in and that she told him all about me 'her igbo friend'.I was astonished that Chimaroke has the guts to buy an expensive house with the money meant for the people of my state,and even more shocked to know what would have happened if i went cos he is coincidentally one of my father's friend,only last year he was invited to the opening of one of my dad's factory in our village and i spoke to him on that occasion though i doubt he'd remember my face since i've met him only once.I told Faith all these then she apologised though she expressed dissapointment probably at the commission lost.

I bet girls in Nigerian Universities will be green with envy if they met Faith because of her connections with the Nigerian top society people but i honestly feel sorry for her cos the way she's going i'm she will get AIDS before the end of this year(imagine she slept with one of her clients a danish man that smells like piss in my dorm room)i sometimes wonder where she meets all these rich Naija men(the arab ones are not hard to find) but anyway i just pity her

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A group of teenage prostitutes
Blessing a 21 year old prostitute
Agnes a 13 year old prostitute

I know that i haven't blogged in a while though i said i'll improve but i was having a rough week ,i went to the beach and was lying in the sun(you know like this yeye europeans that look for the slightest opportunity to get a 'tan') i was on a nice shady spot with my friends but unfortunately i fell asleep and no-one woke me up cos they all went for a swim i only had a short nap for maybe about 45 mins when i woke up with a burning pain like i had an open wound on my stomach.Well to cut a long story short i got sunburnt and i thought i was gonna get skin cancer,my doctor told me that it wasn't adviseable to lie in the sun when its about 40dgrees outside i now wear a huge hat and with long dresses to protect myself from the sun and i try as much as possible not to go out so .I knew black people get sunburnt but i was saying that how can me, a nigerian that is used to sunshine get sunburnt but hey shit happens.Anyway the above reason put me off blogging (abeg my skin important pass blog)
Ok i will continue the story where i stopped last time amid dozens of complaint
ehn another thing i noticed about the girl (she's called Faith)was the cycle she used to get money.She uses my bank account(she has a Nigerian passport and if you have a Nigerian passport ,you can't open a bank account in nearly all the banks here cos of the 419 thing and i don't have a Nigerian passport) as in her money is sent to my account and i withdraw it for her ,so i know when she has money and when she's broke.One thing that really shocks me is that one minute this girl will be so broke that she comes to my hostel for her meals(i obviously don't mind cos she's a friend) and the next minute she'll tell me that she's going to Abu Dhabi(its the capital of the UAE)for the weekend and that she doesn't need a ride(we both know lots of african guyz here and they are willing to drive us anywhere cos we are a tight circle and we normally do things for each other you know as kind of "african brotherhood' thing) by the time she comes back on a sunday she calls me and asks me to please help her withdraw some money that her "uncle" sent . Once she showed me a blank cheque (i never knew people gave other people blank cheques i just thought it only happened in films) and i told her to tell her "uncle" how much she needed then make him write the amount himself(call me primitive but the slightest thing can land people in jail here).Anyway i first thought she had an rich arabian "sugar daddy" but i noticed that the money in my account came from different banks,even some in countries like Bahrain and Oman so the first thing that obviously came to my was that she might be prostituting herself here in Dubai.Well soon she stopped using my account cos my father found out about it(all my bank statements are sent to my parents house not my hostel and my father always reviews them with me ,offering advice when needed and complaining when necessary so he was obviously pissed when he found out that i was using my account to help a stranger when i know this country's strict rules and how easily one can get arrested here), i knew it totally frustrated her cos sometimes she come to me with a sad face and say tht one of her 'relatives 'wanted to send her some money but she didn't know how she could collect it.I suggested Western Union but she declined claiming that her passport was with the school cos they were working on renewing her visa.Another thing i noticed about her was her utter laziness,imagine this girl keeps on saying that she's broke but she hires a maid to clean up her room(she rents a room in a massive 5 bedroom house complete with a pool and sauna),when i told her that the money she paid her maid would be enough to feed her for a month and that keeping her room clean wasn't such a hard task that it's not like she's a working mother with kids in a huge house ,she said that the maid was a 'necessity' because she never had enough time to clean up her room since she was always going out and that she didn't like coming back to a dirty room(when she dey talk her nonsense i just dey look am dey pity the poor man wey go marry am,the girl is no even fit wash her clothes,she pays the maid extra to wash and iron her clothes and the funny thing is that the house comes with a washing machine)so ignored her then sort other ways for her to save money(oh yeah i forgot to say that she is a walking advertisement,she wears deisgner from head to toe complete with Dior shades and handbags the size of a siutcase,if you see am you go think say her papa rich like Obasanjo,when she's talking to you she go just dey point you finger so that you will compliment her on her manicured nails and if you foolishly do ,she will bore you with a story on how she spent a fortune getting it done but how she thinks it worth it cos she always goes for the best).One of my naija friends helped Faith get a job where she worked as a tea-maker(i don't know what they call them but you know this people that make tea and serves biscuits to clients in big companies)but she flatly refused saying it was too 'degrading',this really annoyed my friend cos she tried really hard to get Faith a job cos she knew she was broke and instead of her refusing politely or saying she'll think about it she just threw it back at her face and also saying it was degrading as if her doing the job wasn't a human being.............................................
I've written too much and have tired myself out so i'll continue nxt time